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Hi, I'm Emma. Your Integration Ally.

My mission is to accompany you through your unique journey of transformation. Together we will translate insight into tangible lifestyle changes, bringing accountability, joy, fulfillment, and integrity to your path.

To be clear, I am not here to be your coach. You are the one who has courageously embarked on the challenging journey of self-work, healing and growth. My role is to offer you alliance, accountability, perspective, and a crystal-clear strategic framework to help you navigate the path ahead. You hold the keys to transformation within; I am solely here to help you find which doors they unlock and remind you of what you're capable of.


This is for you if:

  • You recently had a profound spiritual experience/awakening and need guidance on how to make sense of it all. 

  • You're not seeing the desired changes in your life after receiving profound insights or healing.

  • You need a grounded, tangible plan moving forward to realize your goals.

  • You desire to deepen personal relationships through ritual practices. 

  • You desire to bring more meaning into your daily routine. 

  • You seek to implement aligned and intentional next steps to further your spiritual path. 


What is integration?

  • Moments of epiphany, whether through therapy, self-discovery workshops, spiritual practices, or other modalitites, can be powerful catalysts for change. However, without proper support and guidance, these insights may remain fleeting, failing to translate into tangible shifts in behavior and mindset. Integration is the consistent, daily application of behaviors that bring together  aspects of the person you are becoming. 


What to expect?

  • I offer support through personalized 1:1 sessions for individuals on their self-realization journey. These sessions include various tools, techniques, practices, and guidance stemming from the codes of ancient wisdom traditions that will assist in bridging the gap between insight and action.


Tools, Techniques & Practices

The tools, techniques and practices that I utilize in my sessions are intended to support the reprogramming of limiting beliefs and social conditioning, address both ancestral and inner child trauma, and expand our ability to be present and tend to the relationship we have with ourselves, and in that way the relationship we have with all of our relations and creations. I've found that these practices gift us with a clearer 'inner'standing of our path & purpose, what brings us joy, and where our time and energy should be directed.


Depending on the need of the individual, these tools include, but are not limited to, various breathing techniques, journaling and masterminding exercises, meditations, daily routines, music, podcast and book recommendations, physical movement, as well as the technology of prayer and ritual. After getting to know the territory of who you are, I develop a highly personalized, tailor-made offering with the ultimate goal of engendering long-lasting, beneficial changes in your emotional body, mindset, and behavior.


My approach is holistic, addressing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of transformation, ensuring that all aspects of the self are aligned in the pursuit of growth and self-realization.

Consultation Call


Book a 30 min intro call to meet and connect and dive deeper into what you can expect from our time together.

1:1 Session

Book a session to do a prelimenary dive into how we can begin to bridge the gap between insight and action.

Package of 10 Sessions

Work with me over the course of 10 sessions to build and implement a tailor made and highly personalized strategy on how to maintain lasting changes in your life.

About Me

and my "Why"

My name is Emma Alexandra and I am a passionate student of ancient wisdom traditions and lineages that carry the codes of community building and reciprocity with nature as their core pillars. My studies and experiences have shaped me into a ceremonialist, a community builder, and an integration specialist.



  • BA in Human Rights and Gender & Sexuality Studies from Barnard College of Colombia University. 

  • Completed a year-long apprenticeship with Isis Indriya from the Academy of Oracle Arts with a focus on esoteric wisdom traditions, including the Hermetic Qabalah, Ancient Egyptian Cosmology, the Tarot, and Western Astrology.

  • Trained facilitator and ceremonial guardian of psychedelic medicine experiences.

  • Student of the indigenous traditions of the Amazon and the Andes.

  • Graduated from an immersive course on attaining Neurosovereignty with Jade Michael.

I firmly believe that it is in the application of profound insights into our daily lives that makes self work truly transformational. By honing a skillset rooted in deep listening, inquiry, and empathy through my involvement in facilitating spaces for healing and personal growth, I humbly dedicate myself to serving individuals seeking long-lasting, transformative shifts in their lives—transmuting density into lightness, adversity into opportunity, hatred into love, and poison into medicine. 

My path into this work was catalyzed through my own pivotal transformation that took place at a wellness retreat when I was 27. In this experience, I was confronted by a deep sexual trauma that had been with me for all my adult life. I was given the support to do very potent healing within a safe container.


In the weeks and months following, my life shifted in ways I could have never imagined. The support I received from people along the way provided the crucial reassurance to settle into the inner and outer changes taking place. I was blessed to have encountered pillars who uplifted my journey of healing and now I want to extend a hand and provide that same alliance to others.


In a world where so many people are feeling isolated and where life-changing experiences are trending, but integration is lacking, I am honored to offer this service; one that is rooted in years of self study, as well as in my curiosity, love and devotion to the human experience. 

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions:

I look forward to working alongside you... 𖠋𖠋

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"Integration is the bridge between the extraordinary and the ordinary, where the magic of transformation meets the reality of daily existence."

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